"A great architect is not made by way of a brain nearly so much as he is made by way of a cultivated, enriched heart."  -Frank Lloyd Wright

Skylab Architecture

Skylab is about Optimism & Exploration. Futurism with a Touch of Irony.

Skylab Architecture is a full service and integrated interdisciplinary design studio. Founded in 1999 to create meaningful, sustainable architectural experiences, our studio investigates and is inspired by the influence of place on the human experience.

Serious Play.

Skylab Architecture has been honored with numerous awards and editorial features for our work across architecture, interiors, and interpretative projects...  


We believe in design's vital capacity to connect people to place and each other, through intentional and memorable experiences. Our work is inspired and informed by a culture of curiosity and discovery...  

Creating Experiences, not Objects

Our team of architects and integrated design disciplines approaches every new project with this core value in mind, designing through the lens of the user to create immersive and engaging experiences. We view architecture as a reflection of the needs and goals of each client – a vehicle to amplify the mission and values of organizations and communities. We devote our energy to the design of spaces with the greatest impact in people's daily lives – where they live, work, and learn...  

D'Arcy Jones Architecture

D'Arcy Jones Architecture (DJA) is a Vancouver BC studio practice. Started in 2000, the practice has earned a reputation for invention and excellence.

Creating modern architecture is similar to writing the recipe for a satisfying meal or composing the music for a moving song....