Simplicity the Ultimate Sophistication
Leonardo Da Vinci

Sharing Design Inspiration. Promoting Design Thinking.


Sam Stubblefield

Why Designers Must Think Like Contrarians: A creative cannot but look at the world differently. It is part of the job.

"But it is more than naturally having a different point of view. I think it is about actively searching for other ways, combining ideas, trying challenging approaches, generating visions, and finding other curious people to play with."

Sam Stubblefield
Architect, Co-founder of Open Studio

Creating Usable Experiences through the Art and Science of Design

Information on Lean UX

Inspired by Lean and Agile development theories, lets you focus on the actual experience being designed... 

Design Thinking

In a collaborative, cross-functional setting, greater focus is spent on the actual experience being designed... 

Designing a memorable experience takes a keen sense of empathy
and an artistic talent for progressive storytelling

Sharing Design Inspiration & Celebrating Creative Leadership

Information Design

Bureau Oberhaeuser
By adding a layer of interactivity to static infographics, a whole new experience for the user was enabled.


Orlin Culture Shop
influences born out of an eighties driven childhood, a family legacy of artists and craftsman, and over a decade of experience as a creative professional.


Cutler Anderson Architects
Established in 1977, Cutler Anderson Architects' approach to design can be stated simply as an attempt to reveal the nature of every circumstance.

Creating Thoughtful, Engaging and Usable Experiences

Downtown Portland, Oregon

My ultimate goal has always been to create engaging and useful experiences. But I also find satisfaction in sharing many other design leaders experiences, with the intent of promoting beautiful, simple, and sensible ideas.

As I continue to practice the art and science of design thinking, I will share what I have learned, with the hope of encouraging the on-going exploration and experimention.

Experiencing beautiful design is wonderful. It reminds us of how vast and sophisticated our world really is.  Dream. Design. Share.